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At the Stealth Security Systems, we understand that it is not just about products and part numbers. It’s about service. Whatever the application we always have the right solution.

Stealth Security Systems brings together the most trusted brands on the market. We use the most qualified and highly trained installers in the industry to give our clients both reliable and convenient surveillance systems which are custom tailored to meet your businesses needs.


Loss prevention in the retail businesses is concerned with inventory shrinkage and the shortage of currency. Losses related to POS transactions can be a main cause of the shrinkage for the most part. An effective POS-DVR surveillance solution can help employers deal with these situations.

Stealth Point of Sale to DVR surveillance system uses video text overlay technology to provide visual contextual awareness that helps reduce shrinkage and protect asset against business losses. While working in conjunction with the Data Capture Card, our surveillance system can turn into a POS/DVR surveillance system, which helps you with tools to remotely monitor cashier area, associate POS transaction data with videos, record videos for retroactive analysis, and even output alarms for emergency events.

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