With over 15 years of experience Stealth Security Systems has provided both commercial and residential customers with full security requirements. We provide our customers with 100% satisfaction. Your Local Security Installers.

In 2005 Stealth Security Systems was established in Toronto, Ontario. Nish Logan the founder of Stealth Security Systems left his full time management career at a fast food franchise to start his entrepreneurial debut.

In 2010 Stealth Security Systems officially became part of the major fast food franchise vendor list. With employees being trained and scheduled to take on more work, Stealth Security Systems was able to dominate the trade.

In 2013 Stealth Security Systems captured many residential clients, which made it possible for the clientele to increase.  This year is when the brand Stealth Security Systems was published via social media.

In 2015 Stealth Security Systems took on Industrial Jobs & Petroleum Stations. Stealth Security Systems had to up the game by getting all staff POST certified and fully trained on all equipment to work in heights.

In 2017 Stealth Security Systems unveiled their signature hashtag #STEALTHEMPIRE which added more success to their company growth.

In 2018 Stealth Security Systems Received platinum partner awards from multiple suppliers and introduced automatic door operator installation to their trade skill set.

In 2019 Stealth Security Systems Sponsored 3 main local community events with the powered by trademark.

In 2020 Stealth Security Systems won “Best Of The Best” award by HomeStars. 

In 2021 Stealth Security Systems won “Top Choice Awards” for Security & Alarm Service Provider.

 As a small business, we have better control over our quality and cost, therefore giving our clients the best value for their dollar spent. Having surveillance cameras installed for your business or your home gives you the guarantee that your business or your loved ones are safe. You would be able to monitor your business and home just with a click away. Our team will custom design your install. Every install is tailored to individual property.Technology has advanced to such platforms which allow you to monitor your home and business with a smart phone at the comfort of your palm. The new smart DVR/NVR has flexible functions which allow multiple users to log in online to the feed and also have selective restriction levels. Our team will work hand in hand with you to provide you with the most efficient system for you to have eyes on your investment from anywhere in the world.

We treat our clients like family by providing them with the right deals according to their needs and budget. Stealth Security Systems provides 24/7 technical support. Now that you know about us, give Stealth Security Systems a chance to provide you with the ability to have your world at your fingertips. Call now and schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained Stealth team member who will provide you with an onsite quotation that will fit your budget.

Video Surveillance & Intercom

Stealth Security Systems offers a variety of video surveillance products. HD over analog (CVI, AHD, TVI, SDI) and IP systems with leading brands. Brands include Bosch, Avigilon, Dahua, Hikvision, and Eyeonet.

Access Control

Stealth Security Systems is certified in installing some of the major access control systems such as Bosch, Kantech, Verex, Interlogix, Eyeongate, RBH, DKM and CDVI

Audio And Video

Stealth Security Systems if specialized in custom AV entertainment systems. We offer products from major brands which can provide quality and efficient sound and video. Brands include Yamaha, Bose, Sonos, Samsung, Sony, LG, Denon, HPA and Epson.

Intruder Detection (Alarm)

Stealth Security Systems offers a variety of wireless and wired alarm systems. The alarm system can also be self-monitored or monitored via third party. Brands include DSC, Honeywell, Paradox, AiBase, Connect2GO and Ring

Automatic Door Operators

Stealth Security Systems are licensed door operator installers. With AATOM certification we are specialized in automatic door operators and sliding door operators. Specialized technicians in Ditek door operators.

AP & Networking

Stealth Security Systems is licensed network cable installer for major brands. Life time warranty on select cable can be provided via manufacture such as Belden. We have certified technicians with Ubiquity & TP-link access points with cisco background who can provide a full range of access points & networking assistance.